Today is a good day to start practicing

There is no time like the present. Seize the day. Just do it. Mantras to motivate that have been around for a long time - especially the second one.

I sometimes find it hard to start practising, but once I start it's really easy to just keep going. I am like that with exercise too. I will procrastinate going for a walk, but then don't want to stop once I start. 

If you go and play piano right now - even for a few minutes - you will feel inspired. If you make that choice everyday, in a month you will rock.

Inertia is a powerful force - especially when trying to change or adopt a new habit. The couch is so seductive that even though you might want to do something different, the lure of "just another episode" is overwhelmingly strong. Fight the power.

Playing the piano can stave off a slew of neurological problems. It also gives you something new to post about.

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